Releaf - The First Stress Reducing Deodorant

Cannabis is still seen as a negative thing. For my graduation project I saw this as an opportunity. I found out that cannabis can be used to reduce peoples’ stress level. That’s why I created Releaf, the first deodorant that shows cannabis can do good.

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Stress level
Releaf contains components from the Cannabis plant. CBD is the biggest and most important. It influences regions of the brain associated with responding to stressful situations, resulting in reduced anxiety.

Earned Media
Radio538, 3FM, FunX, RTVA, ProfielenMarketingTribune, ADrotterdam, de Ondernemer, VPRO and NPO1. Next to that I was lucky enough to talk about Releaf during the "24Festival" and an event organised at Pakhuis de Zwijger called "What's Up"